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Hannah Doyle Final Speeches to Davenport School Board

Hannah Doyle Final Speeches to Davenport School Board

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11 months
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My name is Hannah Doyle. I just have a few questions for you guys tonight. I would like to know a breakdown and explanation of the $74 million of SAFE grant funding, how the funds are being used, how they have been and used, and how they are planned to be used in the future. For any remaining funds, I would like you to please provide a copy of the DCSD's application to receive SAFE grant Fund money, which will include the DCSD's proof of eligibility criteria. One criterion of receiving SAFE funds is having or will have incurred a fine or penalty from the school's, SEA or other state entities. Such penalties include, but are not limited to, school board admin or Superintendent pay cuts, loss of wages for educators and staff, etc. Please provide proof of which penalties were suffered and how grant monies were used to alleviate them. I would also like to know how many families opted out of DCSD through open enrollment on or after September 20, 2021, and how many funding dollars were lost as a result. I would like to know how much money the DCSD has spent on providing required medical devices such as masks. I would like to know how much money the DCSD has spent on hiring of a PR firm to handle the loss of students to open enrollment. And I would also like to know, under what authority does the DCSD give itself permission to require the use of medical devices for all students and staff? Is DCSD held accountable for any physical, mental, or emotional damage caused to students or staff due to the requirement of medical devices and treatments such as masks? And if you are, what is the financial burden of that? I would also like to know, does the DCSD have on hand the medical history, needs and requirements of each student or staff member? Moving on from masks, I'm interested now and I would like you to please provide complete and thorough details and documentation pertaining to the program to the Rainbow Division, which should include its purpose and accessibility to all students, staff and parents. Finally, I would like to provide clear and thorough details and instructions on how parents may have complete access to all curriculum when required or elective. I know you won't respond to my questions tonight and that is why I have filed them under official FOIA request.


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